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Custom Book Publishing -- Your Book As You Like It!

Pricing is by finished page, plus any extras such as special cover, photos, special paper, cover material and treatment, etc.
We offer a full range of services to take your book manuscript from typewritten pages or word processing disk all the way to printed books that look like you want them to look. We can re-write sections, edit and polish grammar, check for accuracy of facts and adherence with style and grammar rules, and then publish as either soft cover or hardbound books. Please note that photo sections in color will be several times more expensive than black-and-white. But it's your book and your choices; we simply do the "turn-key" services to give you a book as you want it. E-mail for a quotation now! And, see below for information on the several books we completed for Joseph C. White and also Jim Mauney's book that will be released late this year.

Custom Book Sample -- it could be YOUR BOOK!

Admit it, the thought of possibly publishing that book about (your family, hunting or fishing trips and trophies, hobby, novel, collection of items, recipe book, etc.) is intriguing but you'd like to see a sample.

Joseph C. White first utilized Crossing Trails to publish his memoir of many years spent in the real estate industry. His book, "Hillbilly in the Real Estate Jungle," suggests simple, common-sense approaches to investment, upkeep, and all other aspects of rental property. He includes 59 lessons he gained by hard experience that can help smooth the path of any beginning investor in real estate. His book is an excellent example of how Crossing Trails Publications can turn your ideas into a beautiful finished book, at an affordable price, and to specifications that you give us.

Joe White grew up on a small farm in Tennessee during the Great Depression. Lessons learned during that period served him well as he went on to become a real-estate agent, a pilot, an official of the U.S. Immigration Service, a director of the NRA, and a six-time Senior National Pistol Champion in the annual competitions sponsored by the NRA. Joe includes insight into these activities along with his practical advice on buying, selling, and operating rental properties, all with a view of accumulating wealth the old-fashioned way - earning it. In fact, Joe's real estate activities ended with his sale of a property that funded his retirement and made him a millionaire - but the start of that payoff was Joe's first house purchase, with subsequent appreciation and re-investment in suitable properties.

Joe's book illustrates how well Crossing Trails can complete a book to meet the special desires of the author. "Hillbilly in the Real Estate Jungle" is 224 pages enclosed by a cover of beautiful blue imitation leather with gold stamping. It includes numerous photos that show especially well on the acid-free, high quality paper of the text. Was Joe satisfied with the result? So much that he utilized our services on two additional books ("Forged in a Country Crucible" and "My Border Patrol Days").

Joe's website is Visit it to view further information about the three books that he has published using services provided by Crossing Trails Publications. And, start thinking of how YOUR BOOK can look when we finish it.

Unique Books for Sportsmen -- Fish and Big Game Records and Other Books

Latest versions at 10 percent discount for two-copy purchase; earlier at best market prices for these collectable books.
We can supply all major national, and selected regional, records books for big-game trophies and big-game fish. These include Boone and Crockett, Pope and Young, Rowland Ward, and selected others such as fishing and turkey records. Call or write with your needs and we'll respond promptly. We also can usually find earlier volumes, at reasonable prices, for the collector completing a set. Just let us know your needs. And, if you want to start your records book collection with an exceptional volume, write for the current price on a mint, never opened copy of the Pope and Young Club's very first edition of "Bowhunting Records of North American Big Game." When published in 1975, Nesbitt bought and then put into storage several copies that are now being offered at the current market price for such new, never used books. Use this link to contact Harold about books that you may be looking for.

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