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I've always wanted to publish a book about (my early days, hobby, family history, etc.) for my children; is this possible at reasonable cost?

Normally, publishing in small quantity is not economically feasible; you've got to print at least 3,000 or so books in order to keep the per book price reasonable. New advances in copy preparation and printing now allow reasonable cost per book for print orders as small as 300 copies, so long as practical considerations of size, paper choice, and illustrations are met. Fill-out our e-mail form and let us review your project. Crossing Trails offers per page pricing for the base product so you can easily determine if you want to cut-down on some material or treatment to save money before you turn-over the manuscript to us.

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You say you can do fishing and hunting records books; what would they look like?

The short answer is they will look like you want them to. We have the ability to take your trophy fish or big-game animal measurements (any of the recognized major records-keeping organizations scoring system results) and provide a ranked listing of your trophies, even extensive ones and ones with many species represented. Such list(s) are fine complements to handsome type and illustrations for the text portion of such records books. The stories of the trip, chase, and of course photos add considerable appeal to the reader. And such books can be printed in quantities as low as 100 books, although per book prices do get significantly cheaper with larger printing numbers.

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What are the writing/editing services you offer?

The full range. We can take your manuscript (hand-written or typed sheets or computer diskette) and photos or other illustrations, and with your approval at each major stage, produce handsome printed books to your specifications. Options include "smoothing-out" text, and spelling and fact checking and layout of chapters. We can also prepare text from your supplied facts/materials, brochures, newsletters, and other publications. Editing choices range from simply ensuring reader comfort and understanding to a rigorous adherence to scientific publishing rules, whatever you need.

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What references can you offer for books you have published? And what about other publications?

Harold Nesbitt has 30 plus years of experience in brochure, book, and newsletter writing, editing, and publishing for non-profit organizations that included the National Rifle Association, the Boone and Crockett Club, the Foundation for North American Big Game, and the International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. This includes the B&C all-time and awards records books from 1977 to 1990 and the IAFWA Proceedings from 1988 to 2002. For examples of these and other books, see the publications page.

Other publishing experience includes the full gamut of association outputs such as brochures, news releases, annual reports, product catalogs, and membership promotion and fulfillment materials.

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Is Crossing Trails a printing firm or "vanity press" or just what?

Crossing Trails is a custom publisher, offering a full series of writing and editing and printing services. We are not printers; we utilize services of major book manufacturers, which enables us to offer the full array of paper and cover and binding choices while keeping prices at very affordable levels. Thus, we could be called a "vanity press" when someone publishes a book just to be "published." We do not recommend that approach. There should be a discernable reason for your deciding to publish (to share information; correct misconceptions; get that novel out of your system; a keepsake for children and other relatives; etc.). Note that when we do your book, you will be the copyright holder and "publisher" although we can offer full assistance including obtainment of the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) number that is universally used to locate/sell books by standardized barcodes. In short, what we offer are "turn-key" services to enable you to publish your book the way you want it to be, at reasonable cost.

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Well, what am I going to do with all those books after you deliver them to me?

That's an excellent question and one you need to have a very firm answer for before you agree to have your book printed to your specifications. Since it is your book, you may want to plan on keeping track of any and all expenses involved in getting it published and the subsequent costs of promoting it and delivering it to buyers. Then you have the basis of a small business for Federal and State Income Tax purposes which can allow you to "write-off" such expenses against profits. Some authors find this an excellent starting point for enjoyable travel that includes promotion to book stores and other outlets along the chosen route. But in any case, be sure you do have a plan before you commit to publishing your book. After the book is printed and in your hands, it's too late to decide that you don't really know what to do with those extra copies.

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What is Harold Nesbitt's background and experience in editing and publishing, especially in outdoor subjects?

Nesbitt's academic training includes a B.S. in Wildlife Biology (N.C. State Univ.), an M.S. in Zoology (Clemson Univ.), and coursework and research completion for a Ph.D. in Animal Ecology (Southern Illinois Univ.). He is a Certified Wildlife Biologist and a Senior Active Member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America. He is a member of The Wildlife Society and the Boone and Crockett Club; Life Member of NRA, the American Ornithologists Union, and the International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. His previous career as an association executive spanned more than 25 years at NRA, Boone and Crockett Club, and the Foundation for North American Big Game after early employment by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and several State Fish and Game Departments. His editing and publishing experience includes more than 30 books, several conservation stamp and print collections, 20 plus years of association newsletters, and the usual pamphlets, booklets, white papers, and other written summaries required by such positions. His life-long love and experiences in hunting and fishing and other outdoor activities gives real understanding of and special interest in all outdoor activity books and related subjects. He is also Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biology at Northern Virginia Community College (Woodbridge) where he enjoys encouraging students to be aware of the biological world that surrounds them and their stewardship role in that world.

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