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For Release in Late 2007

Coming Soon - Buddies Afield, Hunting and Fishing With Great Dogs Across North America

James Lloyd "Jim" Mauney holds Theodore Roosevelt in high esteem for several reasons. Jim resembles Roosevelt in both physical size and his love of the outdoors and hunting and fishing. And like Roosevelt, Jim turned to the outdoors and physical exertion to help overcome an early affliction with asthma. But while Roosevelt employed a backdrop of a working cattle ranch in those formative years, Jim went to Alaska as a fisheries biologist and soon began to value his Labrador and Chesapeake Bay retrievers as hunting and fishing companions. That began several decades of adventures afield that are recounted in very readable fashion in this book as Jim and his dogs balance hunting and fishing trips with field trials and the satisfaction of living a sportsman's dream of year-round opportunities and dog companions always ready to go. And sometimes those four-footed companions not only help locate and retrieve game, packing food and other supplies on their backs, they also provided needed warmth to avoid freezing during unavoidable bivouacs. On occasion they also warned of bears and even chased them away to avoid potential deadly situations for Jim. It's all there in the pages of this book. This will be a "page-turner" for any sportsman or sports woman. More than 30 photos are included, showing Jim and his human and dog companions as they pursue the game animals and fish noted in the tentative Contents pages below.

BOOK I - Alaska Days

Chapter 1 - Wrangell Mountain Rams - Dall's sheep in the Wrangell Mountains

Chapter 2 - Caribou Are Curious Critters - A subsistence hunt for caribou in the Jack Lake County

Chapter 3 - Red Coats In The Highlands - August blacktail bucks in SE Alaska

Chapter 4 - Falling For A Goat - Baronof Island for Rocky Mountain Goat

Chapter 5 - Alaska Potpourri - Hunting game from snipe to hair seal

Chapter 6 - Hello Dolly - Sea run Dolly Varden trout in SE Alaska

Chapter 7 - Little Norway For Ducks And Salmon - Waterfowl hunting and fishing near Petersburg

Chapter 8 - Goats Don't Come Easy - A too successful Rocky Mountain goat hunt

Chapter 9 - Tebay Rainbows - Rainbow trout are a bonus in Tebay country

Chapter 10 - Sheenjek Combo - Grizzly and moose in the Sheenjek Wilderness

Chapter 11 - Yukon Monarch - Anvik River yields a trophy moose

Chapter 12 - Cold Bay Welcome - Alaska Retriever Club hunts for geese at Izenbek NWR

Chapter 13 - Grizzly Don't Fetch - Grizzly encounters enliven a duck hunt

Chapter 14 - Rude Awakening - A grizzly spices Anvik River fish camp life

Chapter 15 - Raining Ducks And Geese - Fall at Pilot Point equals great waterfowl hunting

Chapter 16 - Kodiak Harvest - Kodiak Island gives great blacktail hunting

Chapter 17 - Springtime Hooters - Blue grouse in rainforest near Skagway

Chapter 18 - Blizzard Birds - A ptarmigan hunt becomes a struggle for survival


Chapter 19 - Photos Of Buddies And Hunts

BOOK II - Trips Outside Alaska

Chapter 20 - Nothing Could Be Finer - Fall hunting and fishing in North Carolina

Chapter 21 - You Bet - Wagers won and lost hunting South Dakota pheasant

Chapter 22 - Perro Grande - Dove hunting with Rock in Mexico

Chapter 24 - Florida Outback - Winter retriever training and hunting in Florida

Chapter 23 - Washington Combo - After deer and geese in NE Washington State

Chapter 25 - A Bull In The Brush - A very memorable Idaho trophy elk hunt

Chapter 26 - Idaho Mixed Bag - A red-letter day for waterfowl and quail

Chapter 27 - Perfect Hunts - Idaho hunts of filled limits and no unretrieved cripples

Chapter 28 - Bank Shot - Chukars, the masked bandits of upland birds

Chapter 29 - Special Memories of Simba - Sharing life with a wonderful dog

Chapter 30 - Chukar The Hard Way - Earning a "game bird from Hell"

Chapter 31 - The Devil's Backbone - Upland birds and waterfowl in Snake River country

Chapter 32 - Afield In The New Century - Late season hunts for upland birds and waterfowl

Chapter 33 - Passage Of The Seasons - Recent hunting is bittersweet with aging friends

Chapter 34 - Some Fall Firsts - Young dog and senior hunter share some hunting firsts

Chapter 35 - Season's End Waterfowl - Best waterfowling sometimes arrives with the New Year


Chapter 36 - Prepping Buddies For The Field - Proper preparation means greater enjoyment afield

Chapter 37 - The Cast Of Canine Characters - Great dog buddies, with descriptions by their owners

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