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FOR CUSTOM BOOK PUBLISHING - things we need to know:

Try to be as specific as possible in filling-out the form below. Remember, we can only work from the details that you provide and the more information we have, the more refined we can make our initial quote for services needed for your project. So, be sure to include the topics below but also add any other information you think may be helpful, such as an already-published book that you would like your book to resemble in any or all features (be very specific: if you like the type, cover, etc., say so that we can better understand just what you want in your finished books).

What is the general subject of your book (hunting adventures, my life story, a novel, or?)? Are there any tables (lists of trophy measurements, places visited, family tree, etc.)? How many typed pages (single or double spaced?) in your manuscript? Or, what size computer file (and what word processor)? How many pictures or other art? Any special details (inscription page in each book, special binding, etc.) Is your manuscript already "polished, spelled, and ready to go?" or do you want editing services? Do you want a soft cover ("paperback") or hardbound book? How many copies would you like (100 = very expensive; 500 = moderate; 1,000 = best choice insofar as price each)? Note that we assume photos will be reproduced as black-and-white, even color originals, as reproduction costs for color in finished books can double or triple per copy costs in small quantities. In like fashion, one or two colors on the cover will be significantly cheaper than use of full-color. Often, a desired effect can be obtained in cover presentation by use of both ink color and cover material (example: Hillbilly in the Real Estate Jungle with gold ink on an imitation blue leather cover "stands out" from other books and has a unique, high-quality look but was only nominally more expensive than using a photo reproduction for this soft-cover book cover).

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