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About Us

What we do

"Turn-key" book publishing by Crossing Trails Publications can allow individuals to finally see the book they knew was inside them in print, at reasonable prices. It can also enable organizations and businesses to publish limited quantities of specialized books and other publications and stay within budget. Experience does count and our extensive practical experience can save you money and time while ensuring the highest quality in the finished product.

Our business history

Begun as a hobby, Crossing Trails Publications has evolved into a second career for Harold Nesbitt, allowing him to fully utilize his background and practical experience in helping others get their ideas into print.

About our staff

Crossing Trails Publications is owned and operated by Harold Nesbitt, who has over three decades of experience in the areas served. A Senior Active Member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America, Harold is a Certified Wildlife Biologist, with degrees from N.C. State University (B.S.) and Clemson University (M.S.) and additional graduate studies at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. His outdoor hobbies include hunting, fishing, nature study, photography, gardening, and maintaining several classic cars.

What makes us unique

Everyone has a story they would like to tell in print. We help achieve that goal by providing excellent quality writing, editing, and publishing services at affordable prices. These "turn-key" services allow would-be authors to quickly see their book in print while avoiding the expensive and time-consuming learning process normally required. And, our services allow books that would never be accepted by traditional book publishers to be published and take their rightful place in today's world. Associations and businesses can also benefit by the reasonable prices and avoidance of having to directly involve already busy staff in such matters, while getting necessary publications out on schedule.

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