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Crossing Trails Publications offers turn-key publishing solutions that allow reasonably priced copies of high-quality books to be produced on any subject, even those with no or very limited commercial value. For example, a family history can be invaluable to various levels of relatives but would have very little interest to the general book-buying public. And personal narratives of hobby activities (hunting, fishing, cattle raising, farming, bowling, etc.) will seldom tempt a traditional book publisher to put out such a book but can be highly valued within the special interest groups for that subject. That's where Crossing Trails Publications can turn your dreams into reality at reasonable prices.

We offer by-the-page pricing for books, newsletters, and other publication printing, with a full-range of editing and design options to take a manuscript from entry stage to final, printed product. Preparation of outdoor activity books, such as shooting, hunting, fishing, and hiking is a specialty. Always wanted to publish that book? Don't put it off any longer. Contact us now to discuss options.

Crossing Trails publishing services include full data services for big-game animal and sport fish trophy records books, both the traditional summation books of trophy size for organizations and also specialized personal records for the sportsman and sportswoman. Services include data computerization, verification of measurement math and measuring techniques, publishing directly from computer outputs (no errors!), and such additional possible services as ranking with existing records books for approximate overall rank and other related factors. Finished books can, of course, be customized to your desired specifications including paper, cover material, and all other features.

Please review our services, select what you need, and let us begin to help you with our expertise and skills. You can email me directly with any questions or comments not covered on our Frequently Asked Questions page. My personal thanks to you for stopping by.

Harold Nesbitt


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